I just added a new item, saved it, then realized I forgot to add it to my collection.

Searched for it, couldn't find it.

So figured it didn't save. So I entered it again.

This time, I went to add a photo and realized I had the old listing still open on my phone. So I added that item to my collection. So now I can see the item I originally added in my collection, but still can't locate it via the search.

Does the addition of a new item not trigger the search index to update itself with the new information?

When you first add an item, a link to it will show on the main page under the "Activities" column. It seems to take the database to update (or at least for the images to refresh), but that's instantaneous.

For searching in general, I recommend using Google. Just enter your item in the search field and follow up with "site:gearogs.com" to search the site.

Also, opening your page a second time resubmitted it. There are now double entries:


Thanks for the feedback DarreLP and apologies for the inconvenience. There was a bug that resulted in some new entries not getting indexed for search, but that should be fixed now.

I've merged that duplicate too, thanks jpvanson.

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