I've been encountering an intermittent issue with the "Maker/s" section of the submission page. I'll enter a brand or company that's already in the database and after a long pause, the extant page will come up as an option, but when I select the correct one, sometimes it won't stick upon submission. The "New Maker" tag won't show, so everything looks alright, but after submission a duplication of the brand or company will have been created. In one case, clicking the brand/company in the page for the new gear gave a page not found error.

I'm not sure how to address this as it seems to happen sporadically (or at least I can't see what I might be doing wrong to trigger it) and even double checking for the "new maker" tag seems insufficient. I hate spamming new brands/companies that have to be subsequently deleted to prevent duplication.

hey jpvanson, sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. Do you have any examples of makers that got created with this bug? Or submissions where this happened? Would help with diagnosing the problem.

I correct them soon as I catch them and it's been long enough I can't recall which specific models. Some of the now "Delete" makers are a result, but I can't tell them apart well enough to be certain. If/when it happens again, I'll leave it uncorrected and post the link here.

Great, let us know if you see it happening again here. We can investigate further

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