This is a database like Discogs, but for Studio equipment, Hi-Fi set-ups, and DJ gear.

If you want to add something to the database, please use the "Add Gear" link in the header. There are minimal guidelines at the moment, check out the wiki for them - you can see all the available Wiki pages at

It is very early days for this new site, and there are a lot of features we want to add, and of course a lot of equipment that needs added to the database. We would love to get your feedback on what you think could be improved.

Thanks, and welcome!

Wow! What a great idea! It's great to see Discogs expanding into new, uncharted territory while staying true to its origins in dance music and electronica. :)

First question I would have would be what qualifies as new gear? i.e. this turntable is in the database: but I have a couple of SL-1200MK2's - same turntable 'series' but obviously not identical to the SL-1210MK2 so would I be adding a completely new piece of gear to the database? Or are we going to have the equivalent of a master release on Discogs where the 1200 and 1210 would be two different versions of the SL-12##MK2 series? Or am I just getting ahead of ourselves here? :)

Hi! I'm glad you are liking the idea here, I am super excited about it!

About versions, this is a good question. I have thought about this for a while, but haven't come up with any concrete guidelines. I think we have to enter things the way we see fit - in other words, what is going to be useful to us?

I have this marked as a 'problem case for discussion' already at

However, I think the 1200 is for sure something we should enter all the versions for. There is a list of them up on Wikipedia . Also, I have already entered the and the]SL-1210M5G

DAC (or a generic "DAC/ADC") should be added to gear functions I think. Interesting concept this.

Hey little_alien! Thanks for your comment. I did have DAC/ADC on my list, but I changed it to "Audio Interface" as that is more of a general thing that can also cover soundcards and the like. For example:

You could enter it as Function - "Audio Interface", Further Definition - "DAC" to make it more precise.

Does that sound ok to you?


What are these "stick switches" called?

Oh it's a 'toggle switch'.

Just a note to the developers, check the HTML of the gear page. The tables with the specs and controls are a bit of a mess.

What is the problem you are seeing there? I can adjust things quite easily regarding layout etc :-)


is a and some other things. View the source in Firefox and check the red tags.

Ehh, OK I can't post html tags here :-/. Ok again: The [/tr] are [/dd] and some more things. Check the HTML source with Firefox and look for red tags.

Great stuff. Hopefully soon we will see all submissions broken down into categories: DJ Gear, Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Samplers etc. etc.

@ little_alien - thanks, I think I cleaned up the tables ok. There are some other flagged things I can go over with Kevin, but if you have any pointers on those, let me know!

ijustspeak - yeh, the 'functions' would be a great thing to view / search / sort by for sure. I'd like to see that listed on the type list pages as a start.

I expect to see issue with overlap between sequencers, drum machines and samplers. Simply, some are all three. Also, there are some synthesizer/sampler hybrids, such as the Kurzweil K-series and Korg's DSS-1.

Hey clark2!

Yes, there will totally be gear that has two or more functions. Simply use the 'Add Function' button and you'll get another function row on the form. Use as many as you need :o)

P.S. Nice SP1200 add - just a note that for my Emax , I used "E-mu Systems, Inc" as the manufacturers name. I was going by what it says on the box. I am happy to discuss this though, I wasn't 100% sure which way to go with it.

The standard with E-mu products is 'E-mu'. One question w/ Emaxes is that some of them can have their names changed with just a software update ('SE'). Similarly, V-Synth v1.0 and 2.0 is just a free software update, as well.

Thanks, I made a new topic about E-mu's name at :-)

One question w/ Emaxes is that some of them can have their names changed with just a software update ('SE'). Similarly, V-Synth v1.0 and 2.0 is just a free software update, as well.

Yeh, I was aware of this problem. I have it noted at as something that will need discussed. I feel we will end up wanting to catalog all the variations, but there will be grey areas, such as software updates, and also internal hardware updates with no external indication (for example, the different Arp Odysseys).

For the moment, I'd say just enter the version you have, and when someone else comes along with a different version, we can figure it out. I am actually getting my second Emax rack back from the repair shop early next week, and it is a different version from the one I have here at the moment, so I am going to have to figure that out myself soon!

Nice idea! I take it guitar amps are excepted from this? What about effect pedals (like distortion pedals)?

nice idea, i'll be adding some samplers and synths i own... as soon as i have found the manuals :)
most of my kit is still in storage but i do know a few people with loads of hardware, expect my return asking questions :)

@ boogie666 - I had thought about guitar amps, but I thought that they would be better in some kind of guitar database or perhaps an instrument database. We can and should discuss this though!

Effects pedals can be used for other things, like synths, or just chained as inserts or on auxs on mixing descs, so I think we can include them here. For example, the Eventide Space is used a lot in peoples studios as a desk effect.

@ SeRKeT - great, looking forward to seeing more things in the database :-)

*mixing descs = mixing desks

What about the slippery path of audio accessories? I have one of these they are made to upgrade the poer supply of their audio component "Cute" series and are modelled in the same way. I think it should be in as it's purely used as an accessory/upgrade for audio components.

Oh yeh, that is fine! It's a power supply, it's got electronics in it. I entered this for example ... :-)

There are other upgrades that I'm not sure about. There are loads of upgrades for hifi stuff, such as or or a billion other things. We'll probably have to discuss these and look at cases to decide where the line is drawn.

Thanks for the explanation, it's in now :) What about form factor "Portable" for discman, walkman, headphones, mp3player, etc. Or do we use "Handheld" for that?

Yeh, "Portable" sounds good to me, I added it to and I'm going to update my entry at

I use 'Handheld' for microphones at this time, I wouldn't use that for portable devices.

Another one: What to do with modulation wheels on synths or volume control wheels on older portable gear like walkman/discman? I used "Rotary pot" for now, as it's just that, but just a different layout...

Yeh, I left the 'Bender' Control Type on blank when I entered it... and there is one on the MS-10 as well that I need to enter

I can very easily add more pot / encoder / switch types as needed, so we just need to decide on what we want there.

There are quite a few different kinds. Off the top of my head:

Standard back/forth dual pitch / mod wheels (Minimoog et al)
Side to side pitch stick (usually with mod momentary button ala Juno 60)
Side to side pitch stick with combined upwards mod control (Roland)
Sprung side to side pitchbend (Nord)
Ribbon Controller
Pressure Pad (Arp PPC)
Plain old pot (Arp Odyssey early versions)
Capacitive touch pad (Buchla? Serge?)
D-Beam (Roland)

I'd like to try to boil them down as much as we can, and also figure out the proper generic names where possible.

Nik, speaking of the guidelines, I assume that RSG ยง1.1.1 applies to Gearogs, too.
But I think it would be a good idea to point it out explicitly in anyway.

Hey loukash! Yeh my gut feeling is to carry that forward to Gearogs... it makes it more fun, and also is better for accuracy. I guess if anyone feels strongly the other way on this point, we can debate it here in the forums. Thanks!

The wiki is open to all, so if you are feeling brave, you are welcome to edit it and put some kind of guideline in on that topic :-D

Hopefully each product should have a link to their own forum page for tips and troubleshooting. Also a commentary / review field. I think great community support is vital to keep the Gearogs interesting. That will come soon hopefully.

Is web submission ok? I mean if you have all photos Top / Front / Side of the gear and all specs online is it allowed (Yes i have done a couple already :p

"Is web submission ok?"
Well, just earlier today I have "bravely" (see above) added the following clause to :

Have the exact gear in front of you when entering it to the database

I should be able to add a few items to the database from my personal collection of hi-fi and Dj gear, just wondered what the situation was going to be with regards to the likes of speakers and headphones?

I've seen a bunch of speakers already (e.g. and was just about to submit my beloved AKG headphones.

Is there going to be a 'Draft copy' function to make adding variations easier, like with the 1210's and 1200's as there will be quite a few items that especially if the product colour warrants a unique submission.

I noticed that some of the items listed are shown under the generic name of the type of equipment, is that how they will be grouped once submitted i.e. Stereo Cassette Deck and Stereo Integrated Amplifier?

Is there going to be a 'Draft copy' function to make adding variations easier, like with the 1210's and 1200's as there will be quite a few items that especially if the product colour warrants a unique submission.

I'd love that, but unfortunately that is some way off I think... stuff like merge, delete, collection and wantlist are probably ahead in the queue for implementation...

I noticed that some of the items listed are shown under the generic name of the type of equipment, is that how they will be grouped once submitted i.e. Stereo Cassette Deck and Stereo Integrated Amplifier?

No, that is me being too literal when submitting :-) I need to edit them to put the model number in there.

I won't add my 1200 MK II's just yet seeing how much info you submitted that would need to be matched, I've started off with a pair of speakers instead as an easy one and I'll keep updating it as I see what info we're adding.

Why didn't comicogs just become bookogs?

@Plastic_Demons_4_U - I see you gave in and got it entered - nice one, good to see the Technics page growing

@ joronamo_888 - that is a fair question, one that is probably best asked over at Comicogs - we have now got the forum running there :-)

I cut 'n' pasted most of the information that you had already posted, but it did give me a better insight into how some of the fields work seeing how you had used them. I added a couple of extra bits about the type of controls used, that may need reviewing in case I've used the wrong type of slider etc.

Is there going to be a way to add to your collection? It would be nice to have a list of my gear which I could add serial numbers to. It would be good to have this information off site and easily accessible only to the member in case of theft or some other disaster.

Yes, absolutely! This is a major priority for us, a really important feature...

Welcome all signing in for the first time today!

Please, please, please set up a Gearogs Market Place. Oh the potential...

This is great- cheers Nik!

A Market Place would be very useful

Thanks for the feedback folks, we'll see what we can do!

Not sure if its already been mentioned but a option for powered speakers/monitors would be good.

Speaker (Passive)

Speaker (Powered)


We can use the free text "further definition" for that, for example:

Arguably though, these could be entered as:

Amplifier, Power

as that is what the equipment actually consists off.

Welcome all the people visiting for the 1st time from Discogs!

Come in, have a seat, tell us about your gear!

It's pretty cool, nik!

Early days yet, but even at this stage there's plenty of stuff here.

I was able to add my Audio Technica AT-LP1240 deck & my Nagaoka MP-110 stylus.

My Marantz 2220B amp isn't listed yet, but I'm sure that will be done soon.

This is not a site that I will be contributing to myself, but I'm sure all the tech heads out there will relish the experience.

Cheers m8


Is it only a database or market like Discogs? Do you have ideas for doing a marketplace here with equipment?

Thanks for the feedback Jarren!

Copronoise - we don't have a marketplace at the moment, but watch this space!

Hey there! I wonder if there's a way to import this site on Transifex and enable it to be translated from users right like Discogs.

Hi Mr.Alb!

Great idea. We'd love to do this, but we have a list of priorities for what we want to work on, and that is somewhat down the list, as we want to build what is most useful to the most amount of people. We will get to translations at some point, however!

Hi nik & gearogs ppl. Just wondering if there is any roadmap or forthcoming new features or something like that about gearogs's (near) future plans? Would be great!

Hi! We do have ongoing development, we are working on bring a feature that a lot of people has asked for, but it is a bit under wraps right now, mainly because it is a bunch of work and we don't have an ETA on it right now.

Bumping this thread for anyone that has joined recently! Give us your name, rank, and model number please ;-)

Hi there. Like the idea of gearogs, didnt know of its existence until a recent article on resident advisor which got me triggered. I was curious to hear if there's a possibility to add/have multiple items or gear, in stead of one. Especially with dj gear, one often has (at least) two decks which not quite often happen to be of the same brand and type. Think of it as the similar option on has on Discogs for adding multiple copies of one release.

Huub (Netherlands)

Hi Huub! Glad you found us! We are going to be telling a lot more people about this site soon.

Thanks for your feedback regarding quantity. I can't guarantee we can do anything soon, but we'll take this into consideration. Thanks!

So I wanted to start selling gear but am forced by Paypal to upgrade my Premier account to Business account. Why?

Hi mirland,

Business accounts allow us to use Express Checkout which is a requirement to fulfill transactions on Gearogs at this time. There is no fee to upgrade and it offers more features than Premier accounts:


Just listed my first item, a custom painted Technics SL-1210M5G. After listing I got an error window. Tried again and again the error window. Now I see 2 items listed for sale, but I don't know how to manage my listings. Please advise :-)

Hey - we're seeing the issue and looking into it!

Just found out today bout gearogs... Just what I needed, another music related addiction. Great site!!!!! A never ending .....

Boom boom boom. Hello from Brussels.

It is an honour and a privilege to be here!

Hey leekrpg - never ending indeed, glad you like the site!

Jooles - great to see you here, can you believe it is 15 years since we both got hooked on Discogs!?!

gingishan - it is a privilege to have you here!

Hello, folks, I took the plunge, and already added my gear. Only could find my turntable, everything else is now added to the database. Thanks a lot to Nik for setting this up. I will not be as active here as in Discogs, though!

Nice username Thor-Nado! Welcome!

Nice idea here! Hello from Tuscany!

Ciao Emanuele,

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to Gearogs!

it would be very nice to have line breaks or text formatting in the notes field

it would be very nice to have line breaks or text formatting in the notes field

Exciting stuff! Maybe I can finally find a Three Inch Record Player!

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