I cannot mark that I have more than one of a specific item... This works in dicogs. I guess an update is in place.

And I can't spell... :) (discogs that is)

Hi! There are a lot of things to do, a lot of possible features! I can't say when we will add this particular one, but your request is noted - thanks!

Yeah, me too, multiple 1210s, multiple Roland MD-8s.

Mind you, unlike records it's not so important AND could get very messy (e.g., what if you have over 12 AKG D5s.....do you really need to list them?? I suppose not :)

That's a lot of D5s!

+1 for this feature as well.

+1 for this feature as well.

Certain decks do tend to travel in pairs....

+1 for this feature as well

On Discogs you can add something to your collection multiple times.

What if on here we did it a little bit different so that after you add it to your collection you could specify a quantity?

It would be ok for me :)


Right now I can add items multiple times to my collection but they are not saved or can't be removed. When I refresh the site everything is like before. Is it only on my computer a problem or in general?

Sorry about that, this is broken, we'll get it fixed ASAP!

Would be nice to put notes against the multiples like on discogs too (for things like serial numbers, location)

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