Hi I like the new idea after RecordHub but for music equipment there are already two website who are analogue with http://www.hifiengine.com/ and http://www.vinylengine.com/ it will be nice if an administrator contact them. Moreover they have a section for manuals and discussion by object that will be nice to add to this website to enhance a technical help section

(It's only a suggestion I am just a user of those websites)

Thanks for this new platform by the way

i think gearogs is a little bit better in that it is focused on being a database of information rather than a message board =-)

Yes I understand: the presentation and web design are far better :) but it will be only a catalogue in that case if there are no technical document attached to gear's pages. In the end it doesn't bother me.

i hope many people are working as hard as you and i are to keep adding those great technical documents to every gearogs page possible
i even found some old specification documents at a shop and scanned them in

and discussion by object that will be nice to add to this website

We do have the option to discuss by object. Look for the "Discussion" section at the end of every page. It's a bit hidden right now but is getting used some. We'd like to make it more visible though.

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