I've "Delete" it like this


Delete all and write message in the note like

This gear is DUPLICATE
please use

Hi folks. I have just had a chat with the team about this. The 'DUPLICATE' hack I started was ok for the beginning, but it is a bit rough for all the new submitters right now, and we should really be guarding against this in the form. We are going to make some modifications to the warning on the form today which hopefully will help, and we will look at making more long term solutions (auto dupe check, merge) over the coming weeks.

Thanks nik. I see that duplicates are still being added but I will not document them in this thread at this time. Perhaps later tonight I can.

Wow, so nice to see all the new users! Over 3,000 and counting based on the ad at Discogs. Will probably see about 5,000 by the end of the day!

Thanks! I have just worked over Technics http://www.gearogs.com/maker/3077-Technics?page=4

Putting [DUPLICATE] at the start of the model name lists them all at the end of any list, which is nice!

I've been using the Delete-Delete method as well. That aisle needs a quick clean up

I've used [DUPLICATE]
but in these days duplicates in DB are very numerous and this compromises the integrity of the data base : (

We hope in new features on "Makers" o "Gears" input

Page like this are totally error

Let's just add [DUPLICATE] to the Model field for now. We will work out a proper merge function and duplicate check soon.

Just to update everyone, we have made a tweak that should slow down the duplicate entries. There are obviously a bunch to clean up now, and we will be working on a way to do that nicely over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience here!


maybe the argument here is that he replaced the tonearm in the 27534
i think that if there is a duplicate detected it should dump you on to the main view item page without letting you even hit enter but thats just me

I don't think changing an tone-arm is valid for a new entry, otherwise we'd have an infinite amount of permutations, that isn't workable.

i think that if there is a duplicate detected it should dump you on to the main view item page without letting you even hit enter but thats just me

We'll see what we can build. We want it to be as user friendly as possible of course :-)

What are the criteria for a duplicate? When is something considered a different variant of a model worth a separate entry, or when the variation should just be mentioned in the notes?

This one was twice been stripped of all it's input, but is marketed as a set of 4 mics in colour.
No information was merged, it was just replaced by: "DUPLICATE, please FOLLOW/EDIT

Shouldn't the information be merged, instead of just removed, or isn't it enought to mark it as [DUPLICATE]? A revert function isn't here yet to recover lost information (can just be done by hand by using history)

The specific case has a different impedance as the one already present in the db. I'm not sure if this is by error or not. My D 90 S has been marked on the microphone (engraved in metal) that it is a 200 ohms mic. I know of an earlier version of the D 90 (S) which is a total different model. For that reason I think it should be researched/discussed a bit more before stripping the submission, especially if the submitter refers to the other version and seemed to be aware of the already existing D 90 S in the db.

I reverted the above sub once, but would like some opinions before doing it again. Although it's easier to compare subs without the data removed...

This one was twice been stripped of all it's input, but is marketed as a set of 4 mics in colour.

IMO that is not a duplicate. Also, the info does not need to be stripped like that, even if it is a duplicate.

Hi Nik,
can you run another delete [DUPLICATE] script ?



Hi! The duplicate merge system isn't a script, I have to select and do each one :-)

I have done a couple of hours of merging, will do more soon! Thanks!

Got em, thanks ryosuke63!

merged, thanks for the heads up 5ilver5urfer

merged, thanks mawiles.

Thanks, merged!

Thanks merged those first two (D4, SR-18)!

I'm not sure if those Andromeda A6 are dupes, the second link seems to be for the red model.

Sorry for the duplicate, can not say why I did not found it.



The Technics-SH-DJ1200 have been merged, thanks!

we definately need something like "Master Gear", like "Master Release" on Discogs :D

Merged that 1200 dupe, thanks T-Noir

Hi there,

could you please merge the two makers TAMA and Tama:


into the one with logo and profile, somehow I managed to add a new device to a second brand instance, because I changed the name "TAMA Techstar" to "TAMA" as "techstar" is just a product line of TAMA which might confuse people, see also profile description content.


fixed, thanks noiseoperator

Merged that first one thanks for the heads up @noiseoperator. Unsure about the second one, someone seems to be making a distinction between the company and the brand. Dunno if that is significant?

Not really sure what to do... Wouldn't mind joining it to one entry. Any chance for a poll?

Please delete this, my bad... Figured out the true maker later:

Also, regarding makers it seems we have lots of double and triple entries...

Hi noiseoperator

"Lake People" is a Brand, whereas "Lake People electronic GmbH" is a Company. These are catalogued as separate things here, same as on Discogs.

I removed the sole entry at https://www.gearogs.com/maker/62383-Audio-Technica

Blank profiles remain in the database at the moment, this is something we'll likely work on to improve.


Merged, thanks!

...and here goes another one:


Which makes the Ibanez Tone-Lok series complete.

merged, thanks @noiseoperator

merged, thanks noiseoperator

These two look very much the same to me:


Both first series, same as I've got.

Accidentally added a dupe for this pedal (it didn't show up in the search bar automatically for me like other gear, so I assumed it wasn't on here):

Dupe: https://www.gearogs.com/gear/89322-boss-cs-3-compression-sustainer

Original: https://www.gearogs.com/gear/8272-boss-cs-3

merged those thanks morgue_sludge and EegaBeeva

merged, thanks ARPon.

merged, thanks again!

merged, thanks CaptainJesse

merged, thanks JT_X

merged, thanks djindio


The newer entry has the company misspelled, but appear to be the same item.

thanks sharpmath, merged that dupe.

Got it, thank you!

Sorry, I've mistakenly added a dupe, that's merely because the other synth model was not named as it should have been but both are identical. Thanks


fixed, thanks ARPon. I've made a note of handling the Additional Model ID field better in our search to prevent duplicates such as these.


These are the same except the first one is in all caps and the other is not.
We should keep the first one (in all caps)

But while we're at it: should the name stay in all caps or should only the first letter be capitalized?

merged, thanks sharpmath.

But while we're at it: should the name stay in all caps or should only the first letter be capitalized?

Don't think this has been decided on Gearogs. But has come up on the other *ogs too.

We could go with the general guidelines from Discogs:

1.2.2.a. Artist names which have consistently unique letter-casing will be accepted with proof that the artist uses that spelling consistently and intentionally. This also applies to artist name particles (e.g. van, von, di, de, la, etc.), which can be in lower case if the artist spells it that way consistently.

So I'd say all caps TEAC in this case.

Thanks sharpmath, merged

Thanks, these have been merged

thanks falsepriest...

another duplicate maker

not cap


the correct entry.

Another case of duplication:

The original:

The duplicate:

The original, smaller Westminster was discontinued in favor of the Westminster Royal by the time the Prestige HE series was released. There was only the Westminster Royal HE, no Westminster HE.

Thanks okeydokey and jpvanson for pointing those out along with the details. Merged now

merged, thanks ARPon

merged, thanks RosenowP


Thanks mawiles, these have been merged now

Thanks martinjanet, merged now

Thanks mawiles, merged

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