Hi everyone,

I came here several times, and added my first turntable today (http://www.gearogs.com/gear/20826-Stanton-T-92-USB), I hope it's ok for a first submission - hit me if I wrote something stupid.

For weight & dimensions, I was unsure about the unit to choose, I selected SI standards (Kilograms and Centimeters), but I think it woud be better to force a standard here or to handle the various possiblities.

I checked some turntables & mixers, for weigth there's mostly kilograms & pounds, for size I see cm, mm, ", inches... it could be nice to have the value and the unit in 2 separate fields, with a predefined list for units. Like that, eveyone can enter the data he wants, and gearogs could convert automatically to the standard of the gearoger's country.

What do you think ?

Sanitizing the data like this sounds good to me.

Let me add one detail: The unit to display does not only depend on the country but also on the kind of gear. For instance, there are devices which are 19 inches wide and there are standardized racks to contain them. I don't think anybody would call such think a 48.6 cm rack, even in Germany.

Yes sure, I was thinking about turntable dimensions or weight.
For rackable devices, I agree everyone on earth uses inches, but some people submitted rackable devices in millimeters (http://www.gearogs.com/gear/2762-Allen-Heath-QU-16) with rack info in notes.
I think a correct way to do it could be to have multiple formats in 'Form factor' (for example the QU-16 is Tabletop & 19" rackmount), and we could keep real dimensions in 'Dimensions'.

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