How are we listing software? Do different version numbers count as different items?... or do we just list the different features in the notes section?

i do not see the value in having separate pages for different releases of the same software, i think it is a situation comparable to many different pressings of the same master release. there is more difference between e.g. cubase 1.0 and a more recent version than there is between a 1980 and 1990s repress of thriller, though.

technically i feel that softwareogs would be a whole nother thing since it's not really 'equipment' though, but perhaps that is a distinction to make another time.

Maybe major revisions could have their own page? I'd be ok with that I think. Cubase 8 isn't the same as Cubase 2.0 :-)

So for now I'm just putting the version number of major releases in the 'Additional Model ID' field... is that cool?

That is ok, but maybe it is better in the main "Model" field?

That is ok, but maybe it is better in the main "Model" field?

ahh yes i agree.... Model field is definitely the better way to do it!

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