Wow! Did any of you hear? Panasonic is going to relaunch the Technics brand, including making the famous 1200 / 1210 series of turntables! We are already obviously big fans of the Technics lineup, already 20 items in the list at , and HALF of them are variations of the 1200 / 1210!

What would you like to see from Technics for the 2016 batch of record players? Do you like to Mk2? Or maybe the Mk5G? What new feature would make you new a new set of decks? Gearogs wants to know!

RCA F outs and IEC are a good start! brake speed and reverse switches would be nice. is built in serato too much to ask? how about USB out or record to thumbdrive?

not a big fan of the body on the new prototype... but nonetheless it's still great news. They've been vague on alot of the details other than the new direct drive motor. I think built-in Serato or maybe USB out would be cool. Maybe customizable body / enclosure too!

I like to see XLR connections on these, nothing says professional like XLR sockets and it would be a nice statement for a truly rugged piece of equipment, the rcas on these were basically the only wear item if cared for properly

I'm sorry but I'd have to disagree with the sentiment of adding USB, what for? once you have USB you're talking convertor and thats a whole different product that not everyone who wants a turntable has use for, kind of like adding class a/b to a class a product line, whats the point?

they should relaunch the 1100 also, any customizations I'd like to see on the 1100, the 1200 already has such huge aftermarket support.

that prototype is very ugly

Hi musicowl!

I have to admit, I have never seen XLR connections used for turntable cartridge outputs. XLRs are balanced whereas RCS (phono) connections and cartridge outputs aren't.

The prototype does look a bit strange, but I think it is only a rough partial prototype, it needs an arm, switches, a body etc as far as I can see.

you're correct in that XLR doesn't make a huge amount of sense for the purpose, it would be nice to see the issue of flaky RCA cables eliminated, if not XLR connectors which could be useful for longer cable runs then just put some RCA jacks on the body of the deck and call it a day, it will make an already rugged design even better, have to say besides faulty ground wire and broken connections in the RCA cables nothing ever goes wrong with the 1200, you do see the tonearms get bent when people stack them on top of each other with no dust covers on.

arrrggghh that just kills me when I see it, like yeah your party is going to sound great with that bent tonearm skipping all over the place.

Yeh I agree, the captive cables are a pain. I wonder though whether they do that to prevent having too many connections in the signal path. The output of the cartridge is tiny and will encounter losses. Maybe also impedance comes into play with the connector type, I'm not sure though.

I'm with you on the bent tonearms, that sucks a LOT!

I agree, the XLR's are better on a phono preamp placed not to far from a turntable, if long cable runs are necessary.

I don't see the use of a USB-port on a quality turntable... that's something for cheapo stuff. A turntable, with built in phono preamp & built in AD-converter transmitted through the sloppy USB-protocol is nice if you have no idea what you are doing. A good phono preamp costs as much as a USB-turntable, the same with a good AD-converter. Better take a decent phono preamp (in some old amps, the preamps are nice and still good if the amp is smoked out) and a decent soundcard with good AD-converters.

On the bent tonearms: if using such a tonearm: better re-align the cartridge before use. (Better no use in fact..if the option is available...)

That's not a prototype for a new 1200/1210. It's a for the relaunch for their "audiophile" SP-10 or their SP-25 (I don't remember.).

Although, the petition for the 1200/1210 is still ongoing.

That's not a prototype for a new 1200/1210. It's a for the relaunch for their "audiophile" SP-10

Ah ok, good catch!


Crazy stuff :-)

"Two versions of the player will be released: a limited Technics 50th Anniversary 'Grand Class SL-1200GAE' will come first, in summer 2016 (limited, naturally, to 1200 units). A non-limited Grand Class 1200G will follow before the end of 2016. Both will be expensive, audiophile-grade devices, even though they are still largely aimed at DJs. Prices were not announced but are expected to reach several thousand pounds."


The "standard" non-limited SL-1200G model will arrive towards the end of 2016, with a price that's anticipated to be close to $4,000. That's not as DJ friendly compared to its already expensive predecessors.

$4k for the standard version? That seems the wrong way round to me, surely the limited one will be $4K...?

wow... hopefully the $4k price is just for the limited edition.... what price is an original 1200 going for these days?

From what I have read on other sites, it seems that $4k is the price for both the SL-1200GAE and the SL-1200G! I haven't found out what the difference between them is.

That is a lot of money!

You can check eBay for current s/h prices, looks like between £250 and £500 for a straightforward mk2 in good condition.

Glad I got my M5Gs when I did, think it was near the bottom of the new market price when they were still being manufactured, IIRC about £450 each for brand new decks. Still going strong as the day I bought them, no plans to switch up any time soon!

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