Hi folks,

Today, I am going to be adjusting some of the data entry. I will be adding a new field that will replace the 'Manufacturer' field with an array called "Maker", with two fields, one being "Type", and the other being "Name".

The 'Type' dropdown will consist of the following options to start:


These will all be 'linked' names (once we finish the update).

At least one 'Maker' will be required for each item of gear. Mostly, we'd expect the 'Brand' to be entered.

When there are multiple names, the first name will be chosen for display purposes. Again, this should usually be the brand.

This will allow us to capture the data in more detail, in the same way we have 'Labels' and 'Record Companies" etc on Discogs.

It will help solve the E-mu issue http://www.gearogs.com/forum/151-E-mu-Systems-Inc-or-E-mu-Systems-or-E-mu

In the interim, you may see both the old 'Manufacturer' field, and the new "Maker" field, on the submission form. Please use the old field if you see both.

Any comments, ideas etc, as usual, please let me know!

Hi folks, this message is rolling over to today and maybe the weekend and beyond. We didn't manage to get the full update happening yesterday. The instructions in the first post stand for now. Thanks!

Hi all!

A quick update. These changes are still ongoing.

You'll now be seeing a "Manufacturer" field and a "Maker" field.

We have copied across all the existing entries from "Manufacturer" to " Maker", but we still have the "Manufacturer" field in the form, and displaying.

If you are making a new entry at this time, please enter the same name as both a Manufacturer, and as a Maker (with the dropdown of 'Brand'). You are also welcome to add in designers and companies under the 'Maker' field.

Please let me know if there are any problems, and don't worry about getting it wrong, we can fix it if there are any issues.

Hi folks!

Ok, we have removed the 'Manufacturer' field, and moved all that info to "Maker", with the tag of "Brand".

You'll probably know the difference between brand and company if you have done much of that on Discogs. Basically, brand is the big, obvious name usually printed on the device in big letters somewhere. It is the same as a label on Discogs. The company is usually the longer official name of the manufacturer.

Please ask if you have any questions when submitting!

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