The VCR has sound, can I add here?

We are thinking to stay away from video technology at the moment, but of course we can discuss it. Would video, TV etc fit in here? Would we dilute the experience? Would a HomeCinemaOgs be better?

Ok nik

I'm all for adding video equipment! Would love to add my sony laser disc player to gearogs!

Thanks for the feedback. I am still wondering if we would be better having a separate "Home Cinema Ogs" for these things? Any thoughts on that?

a lot of stuff has crossover to both worlds, like amps, receivers. we have i think a couple receivers that do dolby/hdmi on the site already. it would widen our scope a lot, buut with things like misc cords and ipods and media player software it makes it hard to argue 'we are sound gear only!'

so i guess it depends on the mission, do we want to be a misc electronics store or focus in on specific sections? otoh, if it's all user submitted, what's to stop the users from submitting wierdo stuff if they want?

another factor is pro vs consumer; we've touched on both sides of the line here. a modular synthesizer is obviously pro studio tech gear first and mostly, but an ipod touch is 'for the rest of us' apple product. is who the device is marketed at a factor?

it opens the door to about kerfleventy jillion cheap imported VCRs and DVD players, every television set from tubes on up, film projectors, editing desks, cameras, video mixers, and so on forever. who ever our noble DBA is will probably die with a strange expression on his face if a full accounting of all the new stuff is ever done. =)

i would prefer, and i think there is a strong case for a seperate a/v-ogs, but the fact remains there's a lot of crossover in that decent theater setups invariably contain some stuff on gearogs. it's a big problem where to draw the line and i don't know how to help.

another minor point is, are there a ton of used VCR collectors? i guess that's a value judgement. example:

Hah, I love that video so much, it's a classic.

Certainly, we were aware when we started Gearogs that there are boundaries to think about. I think we set them reasonably well, but fairly tight. I am fine with 'pro' and 'consumer' gear together, it is more about what the database structure supports, but also about the scope and mission.

I think A/V / home video / home cinema stuff would be cool, and there is a bunch of crossover for sure, but then we'd want to get into TVs / displays / projectors surely? I'm not sure if screens fit into the database very well.

I am certainly not counting out anything in the future, and am really interested in everyone's feedback on this.

Well, what are audio DVDs played on if not a DVD player?

Good point. There are going to be 'edges' here for sure. How we deal with them is not set in stone, so interested in ideas and talking this through!

I put a portable radio cassette with b/w tv but I had to put other gear with only audio
When all audio gears are here is good idea add video gears, motherboards, audio cards, video cards, microprocesors, integrated circuits, transistors...

What of SoundBlaster PC cards? They used to have MIDI interfaces and obviously still have analogue ones.
What of the old standard ghetto blaster? Tape machine? If ghetto blaster, then why not dumb old pocket transistor radio? Walkman? Is stuff like part of the focus?
Bookshelf/all-in-one consumer Hi-Fi not welcome? If so, under what category -- turntable, cassette, radio, CD player -- where, or under multiple such as ?

Does cleaning fluid really belong here?
What next -- slip mats?

There are far too many edge cases. The focus doesn't seem well-defined enough although there's a clear leaning towards DJ, studio and pro-sumer equipment. Like others have already posted before me, I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the scope.

In a nutshell: What exactly is this site trying to be that dozens of others already aren't?

Hi there,
congratulations on gearogs launch, excellent idea!

Just to consider about VCR question:
back in the days, when reel-to-reel equipment was so popular and way too expensive, CD-R hasn't arrived jet, I was using a Hi-Fi VCR as a tape unit, just to record HQ audio, no picture, more durable than compact cassete and up to 8 hours of Hi-Fi sound. Those tapes still play perfect nowadays!

Kind regards, Marko.

hmvh I think that soundcards are valid now

nestoro4 I think that this gear is valid:
But I don't think that is good idea put here now vcrs VHS, Betamax, U-matic, Betacam and others
This web is now for audio gears, when all audio gears are here I want put all vcrs here but I don't know if it will be allow

@ nestoro4
I used to have a JVC VCR just for that goal, until it died. I got stuck with a nice array of VHS stereo-audio tapes, that aren't played for about 10 to 12 years now.
I still have a nice Sony VCR, SE820 but that doesn't play them.. :-(
Who knows I can find an old Audio VHS again through GEAROGS haha

Thor-Nado I never see a vhs that record audio without this machine:
Which is the model of your vcr?
Where are you from?
I know electronics and I can try repair your vcr
What happen to your video?
Play and record tapes with image or only was made for play and record pcm audio?

hmvh - 'audio equipment' is the focus, our mission is outlined on the front page . Yes things like the Fisher-Price Phonograph are part of that. Consumer / all in one hifi is also welcome. The functions are just added until all the functions are described.

I'm not sure about the cleaning fluid, that could be open to discussion (consumables), but there are already some turntable mats in the database.

So in general, I think the 'audio equipment' scope is good.

nestoro4 - good point about VCR being used as audio tape machines. I guess a lot of video formats can be used in that way. I still feel they belong in AV-Ogs, and that will be a different database (schema).

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