Any plans to differentiate between turntables and record players?

Record players have an amp and speakers and therefore are capable of reproducing the audio directly without additional equipment.

Turntables as I'm sure you all know, require a preamp, amp and speakers.

Seems to me they should or could be organized separately.

Any thoughts?


This is a good point. The way that Gearogs is set up, the individual functions of a component are added in the "Function/s" field. This way, gear can be entered including all of it's functions. For example, some may be turntable, cassette deck, amplifier, some may be turntable, amplifier, speaker, and so on. In the future, we hope we can drill down into the category you want so you can view just that type of functionality, and maybe find the equipment to suit your needs.

Hey Nik,
Very cool, welcome change indeed.

Someday I'll get around to entering my old 'alarm clock'...

Dude, you need to enter that right now! That is awesome :-)

Do we have an option for alarm clocks yet?

Added to Wantlist!!

Do we have an option for alarm clocks yet?

No :-)

But I think that can go in the "Further Description" field by the function.

Another can of worms could be added since most (my guess) "record players" are just integrated systems, which may include tuners/radios and cassette (or 8-track) and/or CD players/recorders.

integrated systems can add additional function lines for each

I agree with meatsock on additional function lines for each feature in an integrated system... that level of granularity will make things all the more interesting once the facets system gets better. Endless possibilities when drilling down into the data :)

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