Is this a bug, or just a limitation at this phase of gearogs?

it looks like this might have been a typo for 'Panasonic'... when entering a maker's name on the submission form, a new Maker is automatically created if no match is found in our db.

A check similar to the way Discogs would be a great, but right now this is just a limitation at this phase. Maybe we can figure out a way to mark these invalid maker pages for deletion?

yes i fixed this typo. just edit the maker into something that needs to go into the db if you feel the utter need to reuse the id, but since the add/edit gear buttons will update the maker info automagically imho this is not very necessary.
is a typo a bug? i vote no.

gearogs how long before we run out of space for typos? :)

Hehe:) A typo is not a bug or limitation indeed.
But the fact that the page created by a typo stays listed in the Makers-list after the typo is corrected is a bug/limitation.

Here's another one:

I don't think empty pages like this should be deleted, but ideally they should be filtered out of the listings and search engine.

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