Hi folks!

You may have seen me do some edits to turntables in the database. I am trying to get the specifications on existing turntable entries in the database matching the specs that are used in the new turntable form http://www.gearogs.com/add/gear?preload=turntable

The reason for this is hopefully we will be able to get lists of turntables filtered by their specs, so for example if someone was looking for a turntable that played 78 rpm records, they could do that.

Here are the 'standardized' spec formats:

Speed Select

16 rpm
33⅓ rpm
45 rpm
78 rpm

Speed Adjust (Pitch)


Drive Type

Belt Drive
 Direct Drive
 Idler Drive

I have got to the end of page 2 of the turntables so far http://www.gearogs.com/browse/function-Turntable?page=2 , if anyone wants to help, you could pick it up from the top of page 3 http://www.gearogs.com/browse/function-Turntable?page=3 and check each entry / edit for consistency. Cheers!

That is page 3 done, page 4 next http://www.gearogs.com/browse/function-Turntable?page=4 :-)

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