Love the gearogs idea however the big issue I can see down the line is the warranty/guarantee issue.

Yes, the vintage audio gear might work fine when you sell it, having been trucking along for 20 or 40 years or whatever, but, who knows, it could go kaput any day now. It's old! As sellers what sort of guarantee/warranty should we offer?

Hey sappororecords. Good question! I think the usual expectation is "sold as seen", IOW no warranty. For example, if it is sold as working, the expectation is the buyer will get the unit in working condition. Does anyone have any other ideas?

I though about this for a while and such categories would be logical:

  • NIB (new in box, unused or just tested once)
  • In perfect working state (if something somewhy doesn't work well, seller takes full responsibility)
    with subcategories:
  • Not serviced recently
  • Serviced recently (with freetext fields for who did the repair and what has been changed)

  • Working, sold as-is (works when sold, seller takes no further responsibility for how it will work in future)

  • Untested, sold as-is (seller takes no responsibility)
  • Not working
  • For spares/parts, not working and/or lacks some parts

Yuu's on a track. Something like that list should be fine. Still, I think there always should be free text field to explain item's condition. For example, if you sell music center, which have many sources, you need to tell if them all work, or what is not working or not be tested?

Thanks for the feedback folks! I wonder if it is better to leave up to the seller to outline their guarantee, rather than have a preset list of possibilities?

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