Hello there,
a while ago I realized that my accurate, detailed entry for the Empire 698 turntable is gone:
What happened here? It is annoying to spend quite a while collecting and entering all available information only to find everything deleted a few months later.
Is it possible to retrieve the initial entry?


So, to be clear for everyone, that entry still exists, but it has had information removed from it.

If you go to the history https://www.gearogs.com/gear/35825-Empire-698/history, you'll see that user OxenCoxes removed a bunch of info https://www.gearogs.com/gear/35825-Empire-698/diff?version=19 .

That user had done that to several entries. He was spotted and banned. I do have a list of affected entries, and we plan to revert the vandalism at some point. However, you are welcome to re-enter the information manually if you like. Thanks, and sorry for this trouble!

Hello Nik,

thanks for your reply. That's a mess, I wonder what's the motivation of this user.

I would re-enter the deleted information, but for some reason the version history appears in a coded format which makles it a bit uncomfortable to resume the entered data. Can this be fixed in a way that the information appears like on Discogs?

An easy way to revert is needed, and we will build that in time. For the moment, the only things to do are either wait till we revert the vandalism, or as you say, go through the hassle of entering the info again. Sorry for the inconvenience here!

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