I’m wondering why I can’t use my Merchant account to sell on Gearogs, I have no idea of the pros and cons of changing the account to a business one, so would like to know if there is any infomation.


Business accounts allow us to use Express Checkout which is a requirement to fulfill transactions on Gearogs at this time.

There is no fee to upgrade and it offers more features than Premier accounts, and some additional information can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/personal_vs_business-outside

We've also got some initial help docs here: https://shop.gearogs.com/policies-faqs/


Paypal requires a Legal Business Name to upgrade to a business account. I'm not sure how that's going to work out for the majority of people whi just want to sell a couple pices of equipment.

This is all a bit silly really.

So (in Australia at least) to open or upgrade to a business Paypal account you need to have an ABN (Australia Business Number).

There is no way this is going to have any kind of success in Australia unless you allow personal Paypal accounts.

Really bummed.

I just created a business account and nowhere did it ask me to provide a legal registration number...

It's probably state-by-state in the US. I live in NY, where they really want their piece of every transaction.

Maryland resident.

Asked for my legal business name.

Pretty much makes this unusable for me.

Yeah, I was going to let them know that this was a deal killer for me too...I was going to put a piece of gear up for sale, it asked me to change to a biz account...no thanks. I decided I'd stick with ebay instead.

Same here too. The Business account creation at PP require a "Legal business name". I live in Illinois, do you know how screwed up IL is?? I am retired, I can't afford to pay to set up a legal business in Illinois.

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