Hey Guys,

One feature that I think would be huge for this site is a shipping cost calculator. If you knew the size / weight of the unit, and the address of the buyer / seller, you could then have your site automatically calculate the shipping cost.

To take it even further, I use an app called SHYP to ship stuff that I buy since I hate going to the post office. This would make it even easier for musicians to sell their gear who don't want to leave the studio :)

On that note, does anyone have a good solution to calculate shipping and packaging costs? Is there a good online shipping price calculator that would help determine how much you should charge for shipping?

Noting your feedback regarding shipping, thanks for writing in!

Thanks! What would you guys recommend to put for shipping for now if we don't know what the price would be? Are people still able to order the product from us or contact us about buying it if we don't have shipping cost listed?

Right now I'd recommend indicating in the description for your listing to have someone contact you regarding shipping to their specific country. You can then add a shipping method by country or region. Alternatively you can add a flat global shipping fee.

Currently, any logged in user can ask a question about your listing before they purchase. The communication acts like a forum post and will be available for anyone site user to see.

You are obligated to ship orders to buyer destinations which match a country shipping method you have provided.

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