Glad to see a marketplace beta, exciting. Is there a way to browse what's for sale so far?

I think it's so new that nobody has put anything up for sale yet. I just tried to list something for sale and Paypal was trying to make me upgrade to a business account just to do it. Forget that.

^I was asking myself the same thing.

Great question - yes we still are receiving listings, and the next feature we're working on is getting the marketplace listings count on the grid and list views on

I've asked a similar question. I sell vinyl on Discogs as vinylshrine and wish to expand into synths

You can browse items for sale at now :-)

Any intention to make this sortable by category or other metadata? Right now it's a 14 page list of everything listed, including turntables, production equipment, amplifiers, needles, and more. It would be much more useful if you could view a list of, say, just synthesizers. Or even better, also subcategories like syntheziser rack modules.

Actually, ignore my previous message, they are categorized, and sub-categorized already, have you looked properly?

As far as I can tell, you can browse the full database with categories and sub-categories here:


you can browse the marketplace as a monolithic list here:

Are you seeing a place where you can browse gear for sale by category/subcategory?

I am assuming it works similar to Discogs, where items that have examples for sale will appear automatically within the listing for the item. One can only assume that very few are for sale.

There's lots of sorting options on the discogs marketplace. Seems totally essential if this one is going to get off the ground.

Any intention to make this sortable by category or other metadata?

This is on our roadmap and improving the discoverability is always a work in progress.

Thanks Kalli! I appreciate what y'all are working on here. Gearogs is a fantastic idea; I look forward to seeing it grow into itself!

Likewise thanks danfajans. Like on Discogs the community is what makes these sites what they are, we are excited to be working on it and look forward to see it grow with our users

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