I don't seem to be able to add two of the same thing to my collection? If I click on "+Collection" once, the count increases. If I click it again, the count decreases. Did any of the programmers do a reality check? Can't do much DJing with one turntable.

Sorry, you can't do that at the moment. It's on our list of things to work on. thanks

4 hours late, came to ask same thing. These are great in pairs, if you have the means I highly recommend :D https://www.gearogs.com/gear/280-Technics-SL-1200MK2

yep I've got 3! Two that I bought used in 1997 and have served me well ever since. And a backup I bought a few years ago when I found out they were going to stop making it.

+1 on the request list!

Surely +2?


The same applies for Speakers, of course. Some sets will be 5 + 1 ;-)

Same applies to any equipment at all, really! Especially if this is gonna go the same way as the Discogs Marketplace (which I would imagine is the intention...!). Sellers will include online shops who are gonna wanna list all their stock for sale, which will inevitably be multiple items of the same kit...

Oh, LOLz @ nik for the "+2", btw! ;-)

Gearogs is no option for me as long as there's no way to add multiple of the same. Discogs wouldn't be either, if this would miss. This would be sad, 'cause I love it!

Yep, add me to the list

I have five 1210s, two MD-8s, two HS-80Ms, two NDX500s

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