Looking for few tips regarding a diy sound system.
I'm looking exactly which cones should I go for, material etc etc, as I own already a couple of hi-fi speakers and thinking to give them an upgrade if worth it.

Are you thinking to re-cone the drivers? Or put new drivers into the enclosure?

they are 2 passive speaker, the cone they need a change and I'm not a big expert about the rest, only about cable wise, I'm in look for tips and see if is worth instead buying new one

If the speakers are reasonably good, then it is worth it. I take it it is the cone surrounds that have decayed / crumbled? If so, it is reasonably easy to redo the surround, I did it recently on my AR 18BX https://www.gearogs.com/gear/110-Acoustic-Research-AR-18BX - those are photos of my speakers before I redid the surrounds, you can see how cracked they are.

People do kits including new surrounds, glue, and instructions. Just look up your model on Google. There are videos that show you how to do it, if you are ok with being delicate with your hands, it just takes an hour or so, the hardest part is removing the old surround.


It's really satisfying to do! Main thing is to make sure that the cones are centred when the new surround is on, I found it fairly easy.

I think I have a similar problem to yours.
Thanks, as soon I will receive them from my old house I will check it out.

Awesome, let us know how you get on and if you have any other questions!

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