What to do with digital piano's?
Do I enter them as "synth' and then add piano as extra function?
Would be nice to have them as a separate categorie; same goes for string ensembles and organs.

Hi 5ilver5urfer! Good question! You can see our statement of the 'scope' of the database at https://www.gearogs.com/wiki#scope , and it does depend of the source of the sound. Anything electro-mechanical is not included, which would rule out traditional organs. But you are right, keyboards with digital or analog sound sources could be included here. The string machine is much more a 'synth', but yeh sample playback keyboards and sound modules aren't really represented in the 'functions' right now. Maybe we need to add 'Sample Playback' as an option, unless anyone has any better ideas for a category name?

In the meantime, I'd enter as "synth' and then add piano as extra function like you say, we can always update later.

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