I was wondering if there might be some consideration to be had for a past tense version of the "Collection" list whatever it might come to be called. As much of an audio hoarder I may be, I still manage to part with gear now and again to help pay for upgrading my music system just as is the case for most folks on both sides of audio, production and reproduction. To be able to go through and click a +1 onto gear we've had in the past would be fun on a personal level for nostalgia's sake, but it could serve a broader purpose to give a sense of what gear may have been more popular in the past even if it's now outmoded, but not of classic status, and has come to be more limited in usage these days. The same could apply to more entry level gear where more folks may have used it in the past than have it currently and seeing the patterns of ownership there may also prove informative. Even with rare gear, just knowing/finding someone out there has owned something in the past may offer the opportunity to locate technical aid that had thus far been fruitlessly sought. (Been there, done that.)

Just something I thought I'd bring up. I know it's a feature I'd probably enjoy.

+1 for that.

I like this idea! I guess it comes down to making custom lists. For example, I'd like to have a 'used it' list for everything I have laid my sticky mitts on :-)

Def +1 for this idea. Custom lists is the way to implement it, imho.

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