Hey all,

I wish that gearogs will soon start that kind of moderation of new items, that we had in the start times of discogs were we had no chance for crap!
sorry guys ...5€ headphones?
we have to safe this place soon before it is entered by bullshit

What would be the reasonable price for a gear, you like to be entered here?

I think only humans can decide about that!
...not price or age or something else, done by a bot

Thanks for your feedback felusch. I think if we want to be a compete database, we should catalog all items that fall within the scope of the database.

I am wondering where you see the problem with (for example) cheap headphones being in the database, does it get in the way for you somehow?

somehow it just felt like "spam" ...maybe the problem is me :-)

a 10€ earplug that has a product periode of one producing cycle in china and then end in another hardware revision when rebuild. nobody cries if you forget them in the metro nobody will ever sell it used, nobody wants to know what great piece of gear it was in 2057 :-)

but hey, maybe yu´re right at the end ...I´ve just hoped gearogs starts with quality and become a marketplace for beloved gear

Thanks felusch! I understand the feeling it is not interesting to you, but I think it is ok for the database to catalog the cheap, even disposable, items as well as high quality pieces. We have a lot of gear already listed, and a lot of high quality gear at that! As long as we can find the items we want, that is the most important thing I think!

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