i tried to list items for sale, but it requires me to upgrade my paypal to paypal business account. i am private seller (as in discogs) this does not make sense to me.

what is it about?

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

We chose to start with PayPal business accounts allow us to use Express Checkout. We may add other payment methods in the future.

There is no fee to upgrade and it offers more features than Premier accounts, and some additional information can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/personal_vs_business-outside

Let me know if I can help more, thanks!

Hi! I have no paypal business account too, will be possible to sell as private seller with paypal not business, as on discogs?

Best Regards,

Hi muzmaniac! We may add other payment methods in the future, and we'll let you know. Thanks!

Hi nik! thank you very much.

I too have been a successful and highly rated seller on Discogs for some time now I do not want a business account with PayPal but deal with all types of gear all the time and sell elsewhere...wouldn't Gearogs like a piece of this action as well...please feel free to have a discussion on this with me at anytime. I only take PayPal on my Discogs account and have been a very long time member in great standing with PayPal.
Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback Michael2167! We are listening and are working on a solution.

Add me to the growing list of those who have a decent history and standing as a seller on Discogs (and eBay and Etsy) who have a long account history in good standing with PayPal but do not have a PayPal 'Business' account and have no intention of getting one. For lower volume sellers a PayPal business account costs too much. It has been a long time since they tried to up-sell me to business but the last time they did the per transaction costs / fees were higher than for a 'Personal' account and there were monthly fees on top of that.

Do let me know when you get over the 'Business' account requirement. Silly really (I'm being restrained and polite here); you're trying to kick start a service but you're excluding what I'm sure will be the bulk of your early adopters in the short term and some of your most dynamic sellers in the longer term with a daft requirement. Do you actually want the GearOgs marketplace to succeed? Does DiscOgs (33.5 MILLION items for sale) limit sellers to 'Business' account holders? Does eBay? Does Etsy? Does AudioGon? Why would GearOgs?

I also want to sell on Gearogs but won't be selling until a business account is not required. Seems unnecessary and there are clearly a lot of other people who aren't selling on Gearogs because of it, so hopefully it gets addressed soon. Not sure who thought that was a good idea...

Thanks for the continued feedback folks!

Hi everyone and as Nik said, thank you for the continued feedback.

This is my first time posting in this forum and I'm currently investigating payment solutions for Gearogs.

I'd be interested to hear more opinions as to why many of you feel the business account requirement is so restrictive. I though I'd summarize all the specific issues I've read here and in another thread and respond to them. Are there other issues to highlight? This is what I have so far:

  • Community: "It asks for a Legal Business Name." Response: You can use your personal legal name if you don't have a business.
  • Community: "Australia requires an Australian Business Number." Response: Not sure how to combat that just yet.
  • Community: "There are higher fees". Response: A PayPal business account is free and has the same transaction fees as a personal account to my knowledge.

We're shooting for the best possible seller experience here so your help with further understanding the perceived problems associated with business accounts is appreciated as we move forward.

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