everyone should invite people to gearogs
there's not many gear right now

Good idea :-)

There is already more gear than there was a couple of days ago. Just like Discogs, it is a group effort to get stuff catalogued.

nik, it was your "Quest For A Portable Turntable" that bring me here.
I already published the Gearogs on a Portuguese metal forum.

Hi aBisMo - glad you read my blog post. Thanks for asking others to check Gearogs out!

Just found about this randomly from a google search

Glad you found us! What were you looking for, as a matter of interest?

Hi dib909!

Thanks great suggestions and for sure some exposure on those sites would be awesome. We have only just started on the road to telling more people about Gearogs, and the team have some great ideas. I'll be sure and give them your feedback, thanks!

nik: Looking at my history it looks like I actually got here through the footer on the JDilla Weekender post, I apparenly did my searches after.

Thanks folks, good info!

Posted om facebook.
Good luck with the site
Cheers Planet-Disco.nl

Hi PLANET-DISCO.NL - thanks, good to see you here!

spread the wwword... great plan.

do it during record store day...

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