Sure, you could use the "External References" for this I think!

As mentioned, "External References" sort of works unless "Additional Specs" will some day include the ability to reference other Gearogs pages. Here are a couple of examples of how I tried to make do with it:

A turntable system where (most of) the components could be purchased separately:

A speaker system with driver information (guarding against future need of replacement):

Not the tidiest way to do it, but it works.

unless "Additional Specs" will some day include the ability to reference other Gearogs pages

No, I don't think that will happen. If there was any development, it would be a different field, but I think that "External References" should be fine.

I put these gears with links, nik do you can put a list of the similar names into Additional Specs as in discogs when add artists or labels, I was go to each page of gear for copy and paste the urls

Hi DAVIDBRUNNER: I'm sorry, I am not sure I understand your question. Could you rephrase it, maybe with an example? Thanks!

In discogs when I put Benno for example in the search and in release form appears a list where appears artists similar to Benno: Marc Benno, Benno De Joeig, Benno Friedman and more
I refer that I want that appears this list when I search a gear and in additional specs

Ok, thanks. So you want 'autocomplete' on the 'Additional Specs' field? This already happens in the search field, or is it somewhere else you are looking for it?

What would you expect to see in the 'Additional Specs' field? Would this be in 'Parameter Name' or 'Parameter Value' or 'Additional Information'?

I want the autocomplete, in the search not appears when I put "Marantz", appears "Marantz (Maker)" not a list of gears of Marantz
If I put Marantz PM493 only appears Marantz PM493 under the box and not link
In "Additional Specs" can appears:
Power supply / frequency response / power RMS / Distorsion / signal to noise relation / number of inputs / number of outputs / impedance / filters / input signal...
50 to 20000 Hz
100 watt per channel RMS
0.001% distorsion
4 line inputs 100mv/47Kohm and one phono input 5mv/47Kohm
2 channel output / 8 ohm
bass filter 50 to 200 hz +-20db / treble filter 5000 to 10000 Hz +-20db
12 volts d.c. / 110 volts / 125 volts / 220 volts / 240 volts
220 volts / 50Hz / 0.2 amperes and 12 volts d.c./ 4 amperes with battery
50 Hz / 60 Hz
4,75 centimeters / second +-0,1%
normal / chrome / metal
pitch +- 8%
cassette / elcaset / steno cassete / reel to reel / 8 track cartidge / cd / turntable / PCM-F1 / DAT / minidisc / Betamax / VHS / Betacam / U-matic / Quadruplex / DVD / Blu-ray
Balanced inputs outputs / unbalanced inputs outputs
belt drive / direct drive
tangential / automatic / manual turntable
16 / 33 / 45 / 78 rpm
headphones output 1 watt / 32 ohm
Fuse of 1 ampere
European connector with earth ground / 8 connector / USA connector / UK connector / Australian connector
Autocomplete is the best

Thanks DAVIDBRUNNER. I still feel like I need to further narrow down what it is you are looking for.

In "Additional Specs" can appears:
Power supply / frequency response

There are already individual fields for:

  • Power Source
  • Frequency Response
  • Number of inputs
  • Number of outputs /

/ power RMS / Distorsion / signal to noise relation / impedance / filters / input signal...

We could have more dropdowns under 'Parameter Name' for "Additional Specs". The problem is, it will be different for every different type of equipment, so that is a large and complex matrix of values to try to plug in and get right.

Ok, I think that is better remove the section "Tape Machine" and put the sections:
Steno casette
8 track cartidge
Reel to reel

And into "Browse Gear" I want that appear a A to Z list of Brands, when enter in "Turntables" for example continue the list of brands

As this page:
But I like more first find types of gears and after brands, this page has this option but with a less gears that exists

I like more put the A to Z list of gears and brands in the first page

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