Is the marketplace searchable? I don't see a way to search it.

I would really love to see search features implemented at the Marketplace. Currently, the Marketplace is hardly useable if you don't want to read through 700+ results manually.

In my opinion, a text filter for the Marketplace list similar to Discogs would already help a lot, next maybe a country filter, without being too complicated to implement.

Yes, it could be a workaround to use the Explore mode and watch if something is marked for sale, but then there's no "for sale" search filter if you just want to see whats up for sale instead of going through a large product portfolio.

Can I please add to this that a location search is essential. I live in the UK so I only want to see heavy gear that I can possibly pick up here. Many items seem to be in the US.

Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this along to our dev team

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