What kind of trafo is used in the Musical Fidelity A 220 - I have to replace the old one because he is broken down - but there's no info on this trafo. Who knows.


Right - the transformer or transformator.

I don't know, and there doesn't appear to be any schematics on the internet. You'd need to open it up and see if there are any markings on it. Be aware that there will be potentially lethal mains voltages in there, and even when disconnected the caps may hold a large charge. If you haven't done that before, best just take it to a repair shop.

By contacting Musical Fidelity I discovered what kind of Trafo they have used in my Amplifier - so together with my repairman we have fixed the Amplifier so the problem is solved. Thanks.

Great news! For posterity, do you have the part number or specifications to post here, in case anyone else needs that?

Transformer TI - 66017.

Great, thanks!

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