I have started contributing to this database and it occurred to me that it would be nice to have two additional features. Obviously these could be added in the notes but there are benefits to giving them their own fields:

  1. Citing print reviews. Since there are many hifi and audio publications that do not have all of their content online, creating a reference link to a magazine review from 1989 might not be possible. But it would still be nice to know which component was reviewed when by whom: i.e. a hypothetical turntable was reviewed by John Atkinson in 1989 from Stereophile vol. 32 issue 12 or Chris Martens in 1992 from HiFi+ Volume 12 issue 2

  2. MSRP: original retail price has an effect on what the current price is today. It might be nice to sort lists of gear by MSRP, and over time collect enough data to see which brands are depreciating better than others by comparing present selling prices on Gearogs to the listed MSRP prices.

Just some ideas! Any thoughts?

Hi AlexanderEli,
Thanks for the suggestions! These are interesting ideas, I'll take these to the team for consideration as we move forward.

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