Some people would greatly appreciate sellers having to tick whether an item had been kept within a strictly non-smoking environment.

Hi! Sounds interesting... I know that sometime people advertise gear as used in a non-smoking environment. Have to admit, I haven't seen that disclaimer as much these days. Anyway, we can keep this in mind for any potential music gear marketplace we add on to Gearogs, thanks!

"potential"? Isn't it better to be honest and say that this is one of the aims? I really appreciate the idea behind gearogs, but I appreciate it more if I know about the master plan.

Well, we need a useful database as the first step, and we are passionate about the data in of itself. I agree a Marketplace is an obvious improvement, if enough people ask, and the database is successful enough, I can see that happening :-)

Well I think, that the non-smoking environment, is more a fact to sell, that not to database. Like when you sell a record at discogs, at have water prints or something like this. Is a comment to your product only.

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