Trying to explain what i want to tell as a non-english.

Just discovered gearogs, like the idea behind anyway, submitted some stuff - and, of course, don't understand everything and have questions.
First, my thoughts while exploring the actual sites database and during submitting were such like: What is this about, why do we do this? Aren't there already maybe a tousands of websites preserving us some facts about gear, if mostly HiFi and older components? Isn't this, if only half the people with a "radio" really start to add all their racks and recorders and players and cables.., going to get confusingly large (and also with lack of deeper sense), or going to fail eventually? Because there is too many stuff already out that has to do with music and sounds in any kind of way. And for me it seems, probably all of them are acceptable to can be added to gearogs' database, right?

Well, if i am not totally wrong, to deal with this: what about major categories that allows to refer of what a device's function intentionally is?
Meaning, to make clear differences (or show similarity) between f.e. a speaker, an interface, a reel mashine etc.
I think about
Gear that only can playback sound from a given media (the CDs, vinyls, cassettes...)
Gear that can record onto a media (and mostly can playback too)
Gear that only manipulates or "handle" sound/audio (through a process of (re-)producing) such as (mic)amplifers, EQs, Limiters/Compressors...
Gear that converts a form of sound/audio into an other - that would be speakers of course, but any CD-player as well
Gear that only can (be used to) create sound/audio - synthesizers, drum mashines...

At least we have here data storage devices, data playback devices, data record devices and so on..

Give respect to every aspect of functionallity could be quite impossible, for sure.
That is what i am actually worrying a bit.

Any thoughts?

Folder "Connections" - what about to indicate where each of them are located at the gear? could be merged in


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