Hi, just joined from Discogs and started listing my fairly old bunch of gear (might well really sell the lot some day), soon finding out that a good half of what I've got doesn't seem to be in the DB yet (although that's not the easiest thing to establish via the search facilities here...).

Trying to add the stuff, the very first item already seems a bit difficult, unfortunately, a DigiTech Studio Quad multi-effect rack unit which doesn't appear even in their own list of discontinued stuff.

Question is, for this and possibly other obscure items, where do you look for information?

I appreciate if there was already a gear DB we wouldn't have much need for Gearogs, and of course I tried Googling the lot, but... any advice?

Of course I have (most of) the original manuals, er... somewhere, but apart from finding them, I'd much rather copy/paste data than excavate it from paper, lazy bugger that I am :)


The easiest way to search Gearogs is to skip the search function and use Google. You need then only type out the gear and add " site:gearogs.com" to the search field after to limit the search to pages crawled on this site.

As for finding old information, a bit of internet archaeology tends to be required be it via Google again or the Internet Archive if you know what the site address used to be: http://archive.org/

Typing it into the fields makes for more useful entries to others seeking information down the road than just doing a copy-paste dump into the Notes section.

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