Would it be possible to add serial numbers to items in my collection? I was also thinking other unique identifiers that I might want to track (e.g.: purchase date, etc.)

Another example would be something like warranty information, etc.

something like the public/private notes on discogs items in collection would be neat

It would be interesting to be able to add serial number ranges - often hifi gear changes over the course of production and certain serial numbers have some features and others have different features

I would like to add my name to these suggestions too - most importantly, the ability to add serial numbers and purchasing information and other comments.

I have had a Discogs account for years and love your platform. Adding features on this site will help distinguish Gearogs from any other site out there and really provide a valuable service - and attract new accounts and participation. I tried to search for Make Noise Maths (one of the most popular modules in eurorack) and it was not listed in the DB (yet).

Thanks for suggestions, this is a great idea. We're currently thinking about how to make the Collection feature more customisable and valuable. Stay tuned for developments.

Another vote for this feature. I keep an excel sheet of my gear with serial numbers, cost and notes... was hoping to move that to gearogs

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