It'd be great to filter so that only items that are being sold in your country show. It's unlikely i'm gonna buy a synthesizer from Japan if i'm from the UK.



A regional filter does seem like it'd be a much used addition.

I'd also really like to see the front page changed so that recent marketplace additions get their own section in addition to recent database additions. As it is, listings get buried before they get much exposure and, with the search engine being what it is, that's pretty much it for them being seen again.

Thanks for the feedback, those are good ideas. We will take them into consideration.

This really should be added as something from a selling point of view too. I only want to sell within the country I'm located. There should be a way to block people buying items if they're not from locations specified by the seller.

That's a solid suggestion, wiu. We're hoping to add this functionality to the marketplace in the future.

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