Brand: Yamaha
Line/Series: PortaSound
Model: PSS-***

"PortaSound" is a line/series of products from Yamaha, which includes various models. It would be great to be able to sort brands' products by series via an independent product line/series field.

As always, sorry if I'm retreading old ground, but it's almost pointless to try to do a search for threads on here.

PS: category*

I've been drinking too much Olde English 800, sorry.

Thanks for the feedback morgue_sludge. Do you think that "line" could be a category within maker? Like Brand/Company/Designer or should it be its own field in the submission form altogether?

I like this idea for a Series/Line too, and believe it should be within the Brand/Company/Designer area.

Upon further thought, it would be nice to see a link to the different series appear under the manufacturer's page and not only the individual items. So if that would mean a different field that would work too.

Here is the Roland Boutique page on Gearogs, and is using the "Brand" field to group the series:

Also, Roland is using the term "series" for this line of products as seen on this page:

Hey, sorry for the late response. I think Series/Line would be perfectly fine as a sub-section of the B/C/D area, yes. That is how I'd envisioned it, actually. But any way it could be worked in would make me happy.

Thanks for your consideration!

PS: That "Olde English" comment was just a poor attempt at humor. <_<

Series has been added as an option for the maker. Apologies about the delay.

Hey, good timing! Until just now, I hadn't checked the forums in a while. I'm glad to see it implemented. Thank you.

Very nice! Thanks!

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