I was over at Comicogs looking at the new Collections feature and it struck me as something that could be utilized on this site.

It could be used to "collect" a package deal of items.

Here are a couple examples:

One A month ago, I tired to create group of Roland Eurorack modules sold as the "Roland System-500 Complete Set"
I used the"Maker" tag to create the "collection" but Nik came along and deleted them.
In the real world, that is an item that is sold by Roland as a package.


It would be better to have a "gear" page that links to the other gear items in the "package/collection"

Two Software packages that collect other software that's sold separately.

The Abbey Road Collection is a package that is sold with multiple plug-ins that can be purchased seprately.
I used a "Maker" tag to create the collection, but I think it would be better served as a "gear" page.


Also, something like this gear page for Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate.

The software that's bundled with this could be rolled up under that page too.

And other than the name collection, the field could be called: bundle or package.

Any others have thoughts on this? I would definitely utilize it.

For your first point I think the recently added series as an optional category for makers might work (this came about after a forum thread discussion).

For the second. Maybe a series as well or links in notes? Is it a common enough use case that it warrants its own field do you think?

kalli, thanks for the quick reply!

1- I was part of that thread and neither Series nor Brand really works in this case. Before the addition of Series, I tried to get it to work using Brand, but nic (Discogs staff) removed it. Check notes here - https://www.gearogs.com/gear/4503-roland-512-dual-vco/history

As I said in the comments: System-500 Complete Set is different from the System-500 series although they share the series.

The System-500 Complete Set is an item that is sold as a package by Roland.
Each of the parts (modules, case) that comprise that set is listed as "Gear" on this site.

Also, the way Gearogs is setup, you can't sell anything that is a "Maker."

This would be the perfect way to make the "Complete Set" a piece of "Gear" and at the same time roll up all the pieces that the set contains.

2- I agree that it could be done with HTML links, but it would be a more elegant solution to use it's own field. Not everyone uses HTML/markdown, etc. And at this time, it may not get much use, but in the future I can see more utilization of it. Especially if you factor in software. There are many manufacturers that bundle software and plug-ins. I'm not trying to sound harsh, as it might not be easy to implement on your side, but it would make it easier for the users.

Thanks for the feedback and the detailed explanation sharpmath. We'll think it over and see if this comes up more often. Its not trivial to implement and each new field on the subform is a cognitive and technical load.

I guess until then the best way to list these gears would be to use the notes field (or the new "external links" field, which in this case would be internal links!).

I created a Roland System-500 Complete Set gear entry to see how it would work using the external links section to link the included items.

It works, but I believe it could look better.


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