I’m looking to buy my other half a new record player as a surprise. I have no idea where to start. He has a basic one already. We have a sonos play 1. The advise I’ve been given is to get a sonos play 5 and a record player which links into this as the sonos will act as the speakers without needing an amplifier etc. With a decent player I’m looking at around £800 which is a lot of money. I’m willing to pay this but is this my only option? I’d appreciate any advise please.

hey MrsT23

There's some good articles on turntables on the Discogs Blog:

The Wirecutter is also really good for reviews (but doesn't drown you in details unless you want to). Recommended reading: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-turntable/

Finally there's a lot of resources on Gearogs. You can browse turntables and look at ones for sale

I don't know the Sonos, but I imagine you'd need a turntable with a built in pre-amp (or buy the pre-amp separately).

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