I love discogs, so I want to switch and contribute to gearogs pretty badly. However, a "gear I used to own" or "customized list (similar to discogs list)" feature will make the switch from equipboard a lot easier!

Another question about brand vs company. I hope this is not as cancerous as label vs company lol.

Is Kef a brand and KEF Audio (UK) Ltd a company? There was some entries under the second page. I moved them to the first but then I realized this may be a mistake.

If that's the case, then why are Discmans being entered as Sony company Walkman brand? Wouldn't it be Sony Xxx Ltd company Sony brand Walkman series?

According to the guideline, seems to me that a lot of the company entries are in fact brands. example

I think the confusion is with overlap of the definitions, especially with Company, Brand and Series.
Designer seems to work pretty well when used as a person.

Sony is a company and a brand.
Walkman is a brand and can also be called a series.


I personally have come to use Company as the main manufacturer and Brand for products under the company.
And I use the shortened form, Sony instead of Sony Corporation, because that's the common way people talk about it.
Maybe the full name of the company could be used outside the first position under maker, if needed.

Another example outside the audio equipment world:
Procter & Gamble is the company (although it's also a "brand name") with many brands/products underneath it.

Maybe this topic needs to be re/visited?

BTW, welcome to the site. It's still in the "beta" stage and we're working through these things. Glad that you are here! 😀

Thank you! I am very happy to be here.

IMO according to the guideline as it is right now, Sony Corporation or ソニー株式会社 is the company and Sony is the brand. This is what I submitted.

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