Hello everybody,

I'm Rob from Switzerland. It's my first post on the forum so it's pretty new for me. Here's my question:

I got a headphone Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250ohm for my amplifier Technics SU-V3.
I bought it to listen to music (CD and vinyls) at home when it's late, to avoid to disturb anybody at home.

When I tried the headphone for the first time I was a little bit disapointed by the sound that seems a little bit muffled (I'm still disappointed but just started to use it). It's much better when I put the sound from speakers + headphone.

I wanted to know first if the compatibility of my devices is correct. I read on its user manual that the SU-V3 has a "Headphones output level and impedance of 330ohm".

Does it mean it should work well? How can I explain the feeling of muffled sound. Is it the particularity of an open headphone maybe?

Thank you very much for your answers! Greetings Rob

*Actually the sound is not muffled but more like the sound comes from the backround. That's why when I put the speakers + the headphone, the sound backround sound seems "completed".

hey rob, I'm not an expert by any means but I think the high impedance might mean that you need a powerful headphone amp (I'm not sure about the specs of the amp you mention).

Some googling suggested a dedicated amplifier, this thread sounds like its describing something pretty similar to your experience (amped vs. un amped)

Hey Kalli,

I finally wrote to Beyerdynamic that told me my amplifier should fit with my headphones. Unfortunately they didn't give me the technical explanantion. After new tests, I started to be used to this new headphones. It was maybe more about a habit. I will maybe test it one day on another sound system for comparison.

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