Whenever I look something up I get about 7,000 results

hey namcomuseum, we are aware of this, the search is a bit fuzzy so returns a lot of hits. But what is most important is if the things you are looking for come up near the top. If you experience problems in that regard please provide us with specific examples so we can try to improve it.

If you need to find a particular model, your best bet is to enter the brand and model followed by "site:gearogs.com" into the Google search engine.

It's the only way to find anything in particular since the removal of even basic gear type categories within the brands.

Is there any way to add additional filters to search results?

I.E. If I search for Pioneer and apply the 'turntables' filter I still get far too many results. Is there any way to add more filtering? Say for speeds, or drive type.

Is there any way to add additional filters to search results?

Thanks for the feedback. There is currently no way to filter in the way you ask, but for narrowing your results you could search for "78 rpm" and then narrow it down by maker and turntable. Try this link for an example

@jpvanson also suggest another way to search (although it is a pretty scathing indictment of our search functionality, we need to step up our search game!). We hope to add filtering back to the maker pages soon and improving search is always a concern of ours

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