How would I find a record player that plays 16 RPM in Gearogs?

Sorry that I do not know any easy answer for that question. I was trying a similar search for 78 RPM and do not think it's possible in the current state of things. The search feature could really use a little attention since the collection of gear listed here has rapidly increased.

It would be nice if the filters were expanded to accommodate specific features, similar to the way Discogs allows you to sort by a format, size, speed, genre, style, etc... related to your previous choices.

Perhaps something like this when applied to Turntables would incorporate specific features, like automatic/manual, brand, portable/tabletop, and of course speed options. Of course this wound require a bit more information to be entered for each submission, and also entered consistently across all submission to have any real effect on search results.

It'll probably happen but I suspect the programmers are waiting for more data to accumulate to see what shape it takes before deciding how best to mold it.

Wish I could be more help.

Thanks for the reply. If they want people to use the resource, then they're going to have to make it as useful as Discogs ...

Apologis for the late reply. There is currently no way to filter on additional specs, like turntable speeds. Our searching and filtering is always a work in progress. Like CykoMF mentions, adding specific filters based on previous selections would be great. Hopefully we can implement something like that.

Furthermore, going through these it looks like we need to standardise on speed selectors. There appears to be a vide variance in how people enter that information. I think probably it would need to be standardised in the way that for instance the connections and controls section of the submission form is.

I tried some more elaborate queries through our admin tool and here is a list of turntables I found with 16rpm possibilities. Hope that is of some help:

The 78 rpm ones are really to numerous to list or browse without other filters. Apologies. We will investigate the possibilities here further.

Hi Kalli
Thanks for the list of 16RPM players. That'll be very handy.
Good luck with the search filters!

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