Has anyone requested that there be a video and suggested gear links sections, just like in Discogs?

They have now :-)

Yeh these things would be great for sure! Which one do you feel would be more important?

It's difficult to say. The subject of my next post concerns me more.

videos are a good idea, i have been putting yt links in the external ref field but a video field would be cool too. so far i have done mostly manufacturer produced videos (cf the fairlight) but random product demonstrations or vlogger reviews would be germane somehow i think!

also would love to see "examples of use in recordings" link to a particular discogs page that mentions the gear, like for example the heil talkbox page could link to that peter frampton song or the ableton live page links to some monolake tunes or autotune linking to cher :)

Yes...like Discogs! Would be nice!

Good ideas, thanks!

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