Let me say, I had one of those old school ones as a kid, and they're really neat. But this isn't "gear". Not unless Discogs allows for the disks themselves to be added as a format (which is fine by me--Do they? If so, I'm not aware), and we allow any and all music boxes (the linked sub is most definitely not a "turntable") and--even more realistically--guitars and bagpipes (etc.) to be added on Gearogs, too.

I would be okay with adding "acoustic" instruments, frankly. I think instrumental toys are applicable as well (this is my own sub): (in before "NOT A SYNTHESIZER!" We all know that's the closest approximation currently given in the drop-down menu--why "ROMpler" or something similar doesn't exist here by now is anyone's guess)

Long story short: Music boxes seem like a bridge too far.

It is a record player that plays records, albeit special ones.
Granted it is a 'toy' but some DJ's will sometimes add things like this to their sets for lifting the mood.

Some would argue the Cascio SK1 keyboard is also a toy and not worthy of inclusion.
The Meowsic setup seems to be a step or two below those but I wouldn't dis-allow them.

Sorry, I somehow lost this part of my first paragraph:

They use a removable media to change the songs, much the same way that an Edison phonograph only plays Edison cut discs. Where do you draw the line? What about Hitclips?

(Might have been the link, I dunno)

Have to laugh at the hilarity of this: "DJ's will sometimes add things like this to their sets for lifting the mood."

........and? Some DJ's might whip out a contact mic'd banjo from time to time as well, "to lift the mood". Doesn't makes banjos suitable. Contact mics, though, sure. And whatever might be used to pick up and amplify a music box.

So essentially you are saying that any acoustic instruments I.E. a banjo, classical guitar or non-electric piano would not qualify as 'gear' that can be entered here.

That seems incredibly narrow minded to reject the very origins of music reproduction as we know it. I'm sure Beethoven and Mozart would have a thing or two to say on the matter.

To theorize that 'gear' only exists by electronic means is to deny centuries of music creation. Consider the early Victrola record players which utilized hand wound clock springs to spin their turntables and acoustic horns for amplification? Or a player piano which plays removable media in the form of paper rolls.

Laugh all you like but it only serves to exhibit a staggering level of ignorance, for without these important historic milestones in music production there would be nothing for the 'musicians' of today to sample for their creations. This type of shortsightedness is typically exhibited by a young and inexperienced person so I'll forgive any insult in hope that it may become a learning experience.

And in fairness, just to clarify, I entered the newest version of that fisher price record player which seems to use solid state circuitry in favor of the older music box style. The older one from the 1970's had already been entered 3 years ago by [u=DAVIDBRUNNER].

There is also a hand wound Victrola in the database from 2 years ago entered by [u=cyeaman]. So it's not like any of this is something new, only your perception of exclusivity.

+1 for adding instruments

You're putting shitloads of words in my mouth, cyko. Dumptrucks of shitloads.

I'd be A-OK with adding these music box/plastic-disc-players IF discogs accepts uploading the media played by them.

gear is equipment that makes sound, even if it is a toy.

Tell that to gearogs, m8.

Um, we ARE Gearogs, mate.

And for the record, you are the one who said "Doesn't makes banjos suitable. Contact mics, though, sure. And whatever might be used to pick up and amplify a music box."

Why wouldn't someone take that to mean any device which requires electronic amplification?

If I'm putting dumptrucks of shitloads anywhere, that is only because there was plenty there to begin with.

Please try to be less combative morgue_sludge, cooperating together we can accomplish a lot more.

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