I've got this great item: the Vestax VCC-3W. It's a wooden cartridge case, mainly for DJ's to carry their cartridges with them. Would this be considered an item for Gearogs?

Looking at this: https://www.gearogs.com/gear/50281-udg-udg-creator-cartridge-hardcase-silver, I would say it's a yes, right? :-)


I was in doubt as it's not actually gear and I couldn't find anything similar at first. After I found the UDG one, I realised it would be okay, so I just added it.

Is there any way to identify the manufacture of these cases?

I have one with no markings on it at all.
Seem to remember there was a little sticker or something on the bottom when I first got it. Has since fallen off. Any advice?

If you mean the Vestax one, AFAIK they had a Vestax logo on them, like in the pictures: https://www.gearogs.com/gear/99307-vestax-vcc-3w

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