Akai Professional



Main Details
Maker AKAI professional* Company
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Date Produced 1987-
Dimensions 483 (w) x 429 (d) x 88 (h) mm
Weight 7 kg
Power Source AC Switchable
Notes A 12-bit digital rackmount sampler with 6-voice polyphony, released in 1987.

Sampling System 12 bit linear
Sampling Rates 3.2 kHz -- 32 kHz
Memory (0.8 seconds sample time/sample at 32 kHz)
Polyphony 6 voices
Maximum Samples 6 / 16 (optional ASK-70 board)
Remark:the length of each sample is limited by 8 seconds; the memory used on one sample does not affect the available memory for the rest.
Maximum Programs 16
Recording Gain ??
Filters Digital low-pass filter, assignable to key velocity
Envelope Generators Release time only
LFOs 1 (vibrato only)
Effects Not available
Display 16-character backlit LCD
Storage Devices 2.5-inch quickdisks
Standard Inputs 1/4-inch phone jack
Standard Outputs 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 2 (both identical)
Assignable Outputs 16 individual outputs (DIN plug) / 6 individual outputs (optional)
Other Outputs The S700 can be hooked up to the VX90 synth module for filters and basic synthesis capabilities
Headphones Not available
Footswitch 1/4-inch phone jack x 1 (for incrementing the program number)
MIDI DIN-5P IN x 1, OUT x 1, THRU x 1
Power Requirements 120VAC 60Hz ??W / 220-240VAC 50Hz ??W
Dimensions 483mm x 88.1mm x 429mm (W x H x D) (EIA 2U size)
Weight ?? kg


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