Genesis Physics Corp.



Main Details
Maker Genesis Physics Corp. Company
Additional Model ID 210
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In USA
Date Produced 3/81 - 3/82
(H × W × D)
Dimensions 31 inches high, 16-1/2 inches wide, 10-1/2 inches deep
Weight 45 lbs
Power Source Passive
Frequency Response Each speaker comes with an individually run frequency-response graph attached to the carton.
Notes The low and middle frequencies are radiated by an 8-inch woofer augmented below 45 Hz by a 10-inch passive radiator. The bass system is based on a fourth-order Butterworth alignment. The woofer response has been designed to roll off naturally above 1,800 Hz, where it crosses over to a single 1-inch-diameter inverted (concave) dome tweeter. No series inductor is used to roll off the woofer's high-frequency output, so its damping is not impaired by the added resistance of a crossover coil.

The tweeter, which has a double-layer voice coil in a ferrofluid-filled gap, is designed to withstand very high power levels without damage. Every Genesis tweeter is tested for 2 minutes at 2,000 Hz at a 30-watt input (the company's tests show that it can handle 100 watts at 2,000 Hz for more than a minute). The woofer has rubber impact bumpers to minimize damage from excessive cone excursions.
Additional Specifications
Ohms 8
Connector: Spring Terminal
Description: 3 Way
Parameter: Decrease
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Range: High / Low


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