D-NE330 ATRAC CD Walkman


Main Details
Maker Sony Company Walkman Brand
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In Malaysia
Date Produced 2005
Weight Approx. 191 g (6.8 oz.)
Power Source Power requirements• LR6 (size AA) battery: 1.5 V DC × 1• Sony NH-7WMAA rechargeable battery: 1.2 V DC × 1*• AC power adaptor (DC IN 3 V jack):220 V, 50 Hz (Model for China)120 V, 60 Hz (Model for Mexico)• Rated current: 1 A* D-NE331 HK4, E18/1, CNA models only.
Frequency Response 20 - 20 000 Hz +1–2dB (measured by JEITA)
Notes Laser diode properties:
Emission duration: Continuous
Laser output: Less than 44.6 μW
(This output is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.)

D-A conversion1-bit quartz time-axis control


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