XBase 09 Dr. Walker LTD

Drum Machine

Main Details
Maker Jomox Brand
Form Factor Desktop
Made In Germany
Notes Polyphony - 3 voices
Sounds - Kick, Snare, Clap, Open Hat, Closed Hat, Ride, Cymbal, RimShot
LFO - 2 LFOs: Sawtooth Up, Sawtooth Down, Triangle or Rectangle waveforms; Intensity, Speed, Midi Sync
Analog Section - KICK: Tune, Pitch, Decay, Harmonics, Pulse, Noise, attack, EQ.
SNARE: Tune, Snap, Decay, De-tune, Noise Tune.
Sample Section - CLAPS, RIMSHOT, HIHATS, RIDE, SYMBAL, NOISE: Tune, Reverse, HiHat Balance and HiHat Decay
Keyboard - 5 buttons
Memory - 100 DrumKit memories
Control - MIDI, DIN-Sync Out


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