Death By Audio

Fuzz War


Main Details
Maker Death By Audio Company
Form Factor Footswitch
Made In USA
(H × W × D)
Weight 18 oz
Power Source 9v ac
Notes Volume: Controls the overall output level.

Fuzz: Controls the gain of the fuzz circuit. At its lowest setting the pedal just acts as a tone shifter. As the fuzz knob is turned up it sweeps from a booster to an overdrive to a thick distortion to a full on blown out war of fuzz.

Tone: A specially designed multi-curve shaping filter which changes the timbre of the pedal from super deep bass sludge to screaming highs.
Parameter: Fuzz
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Tone
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Volume
Control Type: Rotary Pot


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